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Growing older is a great thing and gives us the opportunity to not only live healthier lives, but share experiences those younger have not. This is a wonderful time to be fifty-something, and living to be that age is something to be proud of and excited about especially if you have taken care of 
yourself. Some of us were not good to ourselves for many reasons and are not here 
today; which is unfortunate. Those of us who did survive have a number of things in common; and one of the nice thing about living to be fifty is you can usually do anything you wish because you 
are your own person. You have gone through the over the hill part and found turning 
forty, fifty…..or sixty wasn’t as bad as you thought.

Many of us (especially women) finally realized getting over the hill was easier than getting over the heel. It was during those years our children grew up and are now “grown and gone”. Along with our maturity came lifestyle changes (both good and bad), independence, divorces and even some deaths, but most of us lived through it all. Many of those still living have learned to use information not available to others before them including eating healthier.  With that said this page is dedicated to healthy eating and I am starting it by sharing one of my healthy meals. If you have healthy meals you wish to share please e-mail me and I will add them here. 

Healthy Super Salad
If you love salads as I do, you will love this filing healthy super salad. Each bite will tantalize your taste. The second or third helping will taste even better if you add flax seed, or trail mix. 
These portions will serve two and last about three days when refrigerated. 

The ingredients are:
1. Lettuce (iceberg) about 2 cups
2. Yellow squash (1 small/ med) sliced 
3. Green squash (1 small/ med) sliced 
4. Tomatoes (1 sliced tomato to garnish each plate) 
5. Ginger (fresh ginger root) approx 2 tablespoons finely chopped)
6. Broccoli (approx 1 cup)
7. Cauliflower (approx 1 cup)
8. Green onions (2)
9. Carrots (approx 10 baby carrots)
10. Radish (approx 6) 
11. Spinach (approx 2 cups)  
12. Chicken breast (Season, cooked, and sliced chicken breast (about 4 ) 
13. Salad dressing of your choice (I love Italian low cal)
14. Avocados (1-2 medium) 

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