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1. Express Yourself Books
   1425 W. Manchester Ave. Suite C
    Los Angeles, CA 90047
    Tel: (323) 750-3592
    Fax: (323) 750-2886

2. Completely Anointed Gospel Bookstore & Coffeehouse
    3854 W. Slauson Ave.
    Los Angeles CA 90043-2935
    We stock these Bible versions:
    323 293-LORD (5673)
    Fax: 323-293-8190
    Store also has a coffee house, Call for hours

3. Malik's Books
Baldwin Hills Mall 2nd level
3650 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
323 294-1311
Baldwin HIlls Mall

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​I am pleased to announce I have completed my memoir called "Living Between The Tracks".
Many knowing me personally know I love writing and have been doing so many years. This past year  I published my memoir called "Living Between The Tracks". I chose this title because it is my belief between the tracks is where many of us live at one point or another. Those areas between the tracks are generally infested with crime and a few blocks from a railroad track. 

Eventhough this story is about my life, it does include stories about others whose lives touched mine, along with stories about situations and lessons learned that only life teaches. Also included are some of my poems, prose,and other short stories that caused them to come into being.
With great pleasure I say to you this book includes even more because not only will it make you laugh and cry, many will relate to the topics discussed which most of us have though at one time or another.  

​Those reading this book need to know some of the reading includes incidents that were very public, involved family, and was sometimes in the news. I am sharing my story not only with family and friends, but others hoping it will make them think differently about some of the things discussed. My hope is it helps young women especially because I believe we each get turns at certain experiences, and if we can avoid those situations or know about them in advance, it definitely more advantageous.

Lastly, those reading about my life will find it involved numerous disappointments and hurts, but I have gotten over most of them. My hope is readers come away with more than sadness because in the end…. living through those situations made me stronger. I hope readers take from my story feelings of determination, forgiveness, and lessons learned. Additionally, it's my prayer they consider those different from themselves and the truth that things we all do early, impacts our lives later. 

For more information about Living Between The Tracks or to purchase it click Living Between The Tracks. It will take you to the website and the picture on the right.