Welcome to my 3-F CLUB, thank you for your e-mails and please see the message below before e-mailing me. Now before you try to join the 3-F CLUB you need to know not everyone will be accepted, so don't be offended. To become a member there are three standing rules: 

1. You must want to roll down the other side of the hill feeling FABULOUS. (This is the easy part; when you look good, you feel good.)

2. Secondly, if you're not over FIFY, you don't qualify.

3. Third, you must have come of age and experienced a few things in life; some call it being seasoned. I call it FLAVORED with soul, which does not stop at color or race lines. 

If you feel you measure us to our rules come on in. Keep in mind "My 3 F Club" is part of the African American Entertainment and Kay's LA Connection which do not promote adult content or anything anti-religious.  

As always know that we care about you and will only promote healthy family oriented content. We hope your health has been good, you continue to enjoy life, and are doing something at this stage of your life to make yourself happy. 

If you know of someone who is a living example of what the 3FS are, tell us about them. If you have something positive to share; such as healthcare aides and advice, favorite recipes, funny antidotes, poems, something you think would be of interest, or even a topic you'd like to discuss? We'd like to hear from you.

We in the 3F Club know that living to be the age we are has not only added years, but knowledge and wisdom as well. Some of us have found what we thought was old when we were younger is what we are now. We also know you are only as old as you think you are. Father Time and Mother Nature say one thing and we can't change that, but you personally can say something totally different. Something to think about; the older we live to be the younger everyone else seems. Thank you for visiting Fabulous Fifty, Flavored with Soul and make this and every other day of your life the best you can. Kay

I had a birthday the other day I’m now half century plus a few. There was a time when I wouldn’t tell my age because it mattered to you. 

I grew out of that stage a few years ago when I cared about what you thought. I’ve been blessed because I have something no amount of money could have bought.

I’m living my life the best I know how trying to treat everybody right. When I lay down and close my eyes; I have no problems sleeping at night.

I may be a few years older now but I still have some of the same dreams. I still like walking in the park holding hands as silly as that all seems. 

I still enjoy the feeling of the sand between my toes, and those old songs still make me cry: why heaven only knows. 

I love shopping for a new dress when going on a date, but still haven’t yet mastered the nervousness of meeting a possible new mate. 

My high heels are as much a part of me as the hair on my head and going out without them is something I truly dread. 

I love flowers, roses are my favorite. Bring me flowers and I’m just like a little kid. I had a birthday the other;day
I ‘m a half century plus a few years too. If you’re blessed to keep on living you’ll feel the same way I do. 

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