Hello and thank you for visiting "Kay's LA Connection" derived from my original site Kay Durden's African American Entertainment in existence almost 15 years. The original site was established September 2000.

I built this site after traveling and finding no readily available sources of social information for African Americans on the go. Now computers are in practically every household and all types of information are close as your fingertips. 

But how do you know which places are safe to travel to? These questions plagued me, so I along with family and friends came up with a list of places both popular and safe. None of the listings contained have paid any fees to be included and are here because we feel they are worthy of mention. 

Lastly, Kay's LA Connection assumes no responsibility, and reminds you this site is an informational source only. If you know of a BUSINESS that falls within the categories listed in this city or any other, please e-mail us . We will review your information and add it if we feel it falls within our guidelines. 

Also please keep in mind this site is intended for family use, and no X- Rated adult or sites pertaining to the occult  will be considered. 

From here, you may also access our Dorty Williams and Young Thomas Dorty family websites, as well as family businesses by clicking Hats, Beauty Services, or Glam Squad-link on the above links. 

THANK YOU for visiting Kay's L A CONNECTION and enjoy your stay. We appreciate your letters, comments, suggestions and please feel free to continue emailing me.

Please include your return e-mail address if you wish a response since they are not always shown, and use capital letters when entering the security code. To access the information you came  for click the links above.


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This page was last updated: February 26, 2015